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It is with regret that I have decided to no longer maintain or update this website. I haven't played Frostgrave since 2015 or any tabletop games for the past 12 months due to other interests.

I will endeavour to keep it up and running in its current state for as long as possible but I may not renew the domain name at the end of next month. This site has financial and time commitments that I no longer wish to, or am able to cover. I appreciate all the support over the years in the form of donations, they have been very gratefully received and have kept this site afloat for a very long time. To the ones who donated 1cent NZD and 25cent NZD in order to bypass the nag screens, I applaud your audacity but if you bothered to read any of the information around donations you would have noticed that it says all account changes are handled manually. Small donations get swallowed up in excessive paypal fees and I recieve 0 support. $1NZD donations are subject to a 48% commission to paypal and if I try to refund those payments, paypal try to charge me an extra 50cents NZD or so.

I would suggest that anyone wanting to keep the information stored in this site print off the warbands they are interested in before the 23rd March 2020. The data is too complex to export and I have no interest in creating tools to do so or attempting to extract data on a case by case basis.

Once again, a sincere THANK YOU to all the generous donations over the past few years, some have been more generous than they should have been and it has been appreciated. I can be contacted on mewe for important matters. requests for data export or new features may be politely declined.

Frostgrave - adventures in the frozen city

Frostgrave Warband Manager Includes the following supplements

  • Thaw of the Lich Lord
  • Into the Breeding Pits
  • Forgotten Pacts
  • Sellsword
  • Dark Alchemy
  • Spellcaster issue one
  • Hunt for the Golem
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Just to let everyone know that I have removed the facebook page and my personal Facebook account. The triviality of Social Media and what it stands for makes me sick inside, especially since the ChristChurch shooting (which is having more of an impact on my life that I would like)...
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