The Frostgrave Warband Manager is an online tool for keeping track of your Frostgrave games and progression without the hassle of pen and paper accounting. It can be accessed from a computer or cellphone or printed out when an online connection is not available. The Warband Manager is 100% free to use for a single warband and comes with the following features:

  • Full online management of your Wizard and Apprentice - including leveling options, Lichdom and Beastcrafter rules
  • Add and manage a Captain in your warband
  • Manage soldiers and minions, including illusionary soldiers, summoned creatures and constructs
  • Track injuries to the Wizard, Apprentice, Captain and soldiers
  • Stat modifications for items, such as construct oil and beastcrafter spell mutations
  • Full vault and purse management. Store and assign items to Warband members, sell or remove them as required
  • Full spell listings along with adjustment to spell cast difficulty based on level and injuries.
  • Home base and home base resources
  • Made-for-print view of your warband with handy treasure, hit point and exp reward checkboxes

Click here to create your Warband

Includes the following Frostgrave books

  • Core rulebook
  • Thaw of the Lich Lord
  • Into the Breeding Pits
  • Forgotten Pacts
  • SellSword
  • Dark Alchemy
  • Spellcaster issue 1
  • Hunt for the Golem

sample warband2