2018 Update

Well, I had great plans for the website over the Christmas holiday period which included

  • Finishing the Dead Man's Hand Gang Manager
  • Starting on the Ghost Archipelago Warband Manager

But instead I decided to enjoy the baking heat and avoid ANY time in front of a computer so I've achieved a while lot of nothing over the past month.

Once I get back to work, out of holiday mode and back into the swing of things then I will continue with my intended updates which looks a like this:

  • scrimp and save to renew the domain name for the site
  • Add more gangs to the Dead Man's Hand Gang Manager
  • Add Legend of Dead Man's Hand functionality (Schemes etc)
  • Create a scaffold for the¬†Ghost Archipelago Warband Manager
  • Add new object types such as Wardens, Herators, New powers etc
  • Add the front end functions to tie all the new GA components together.

I don't have any ETA or timing schedules for the above so it will all happen as and when but I will stick to the order of events above.

Happy 2018 everyone!