Demonic pacts, mounts and powder weapons!

I am please to announce that the following have been added to the Warband Manager:

Demonic Pacts

You can now forge pacts and add Boons and Sacrifices. If you wish to break the Pact then you are responsible for adding the negative level and health 'Level option' from the add level menu. You can only forge a pact if you have the True Name item in your vault. I have not added code that makes Pacts, Beastcrafter or Lichdom mutually exclusive. You will need to manage this yourself.

Few Boons/Sacrifices adjust your stats but the ones that due will factor in these bonuses for you, such as 'Extra legs'

Powder Weapons

These have been added as weapons in the vault. Upgrades (apart from Double-barrelled) can also be purchased separately.

New Items

I have added the new arrows from the Spellcaster supplement.

New Units

The powder weapon units have been added to the Soldiers list


You can now add a Horse to your Soldier roster. Once you have added a horse, you can assign Horsemanship training items (purchased from the vault under 'items') to the horse. Once you have a Horse, you can mount a human (not undead, demon etc) on the horse. This option will appear in the dropdown options menu for soldiers or in the items list for Wizard, Apprentice and Captain. Once mounted, you will get the dismount option instead.

Image result for im on a horse

I have also fixed a few tiny issues with meta-data for Soldiers, Weapons etc these wont have any visible impact on the Warband Manager. If anyone notices any issues, let me know ASAP on Farcebook or G+