Fixes based on Feedback 27-03-2017

I've added a few fixes today based on initial feedback. 

List follows

  • Updated the appearance of the Create Warband form (for better or for worse!). I will address this form at a later date to make it easier to use and easier on the eye
  • Fixed Dismiss Soldier button which was redirecting to the homepage
  • Added ability to remove Captains Tricks
  • The Spell list is now ordered by Spell ID and Name. This will group the Spells by School
  • Someone pointed out that the two initial Captains Tricks are not added when you add a Captain to your Warband. This has now been fixed. You will be able to apply 2 tricks to your captain without the need for Captains EXP
  • Spells can now be added without having to first get the Grimoire and having a spare 100EXP. You can add spells directly to your Warband from the vault. The new button will add the spell directly to your spell list. I may move this button and its functionality at a later date.
    add spell button