Frostgrave Level and XP update

This update addresses issues with Leveling, XP and adds the Lichdom trait.

The following has been updated:

  • You can now add the Lich and Lich attempt failure traits, these are under the Wizards add level menu (formally 'level up')
  • XP is now a form of currency used to buy levels, it is spent as you level up. 100xp per level, 150xp if you are a dirty Lich
  • Slight change to the options buttons for Wizard, Apprentice and Captain
  • Slight change to the Spell display
  • Captains tricks and levels are worked out in a slightly different way but this should be transparent

Now, this update is going to mess with your Wizards current level as I am now calculating the level based on the number of 'add level' applications made to the warband. Your wizard will now say level 0 as the level system has an extra field which defines if it is counted towards your level total. the default value for this field is to NOT count it. I've had to do this for a number of reasons after speaking to a few users and reading the rule book as well as accommodating the Lich system. The Lich system makes it possible to lose levels so I've had to add the level of the wizard as a sort of faux stat along with Fight, Shoot etc so that I can apply positive and negative modifiers to it in order to calculate an adjusted level value.

My recommendation for fixing your wizards level is to undo all your level applications - this can be done from the /log/ page and then applying the levels again. I apologise for this.

Each level application you make will also log the amount of XP spent, so if you undo the level at a later date for any reason, the XP will be refunded to your total.

You may need to clear your browsers cache in order for the site to display correctly due to the number of changes made in this update.

As always, if you notice any anomalies or bugs, let me know ASAP!