Google Ads removed + other updates

I'm sure everyone will be happy to know that I've removed the Google Ads blocks. Google kept sending me emails saying that content was in violation of the terms and conditions of adsense but didn't give any details as to the offending page or how it violated the terms. Additionally, I calculated that at the current rate of ad revenue, it would take me another 9 years or so to get to the minimum value that Google will send a cheque for (its about $130 US I think) so all i'm doing is making Google richer at this point. 

On a similar note, I've had a few very small donations of less than $1US, one of which was 0.25c. I assume this one someone just trying to remove the ads from the site. Paypal takes a cut from every donation with a minimum value of 0.53c so any donation less than this just feeds the Paypal corporate machine. While I appreciate all donations, if its less than $3US or so then i'd rather you keep the money rather than feed the rich.

I've just renewed the domain name for the website for another year as it was about to expire. At this point I cannot see me renewing it again next year as the amount of time and money needed to keep this going is becoming a burden. I will review after Christmas as adding a Ghost Archipelago tool may renew levels of interest, providing that I can find the motivation to write it.