Low value donations

A note on donating to remove the nag messages. 

If you wish to donate or support this website then I encourage you to do so and I appreciate every donation but please please please don't donate tiny amounts (1cent NZD, 25cents NZD) in order to simply remove the nag messages.

Here's what happens when someone donates:

  1. Money is placed in my PayPal account minus a 7.9% (approx ) fee which goes to PayPal. PayPal also have a minimum fee for all transactions, which seems to be about 56cents NZD
  2. I receive an email informing me of a pending donation
  3. I look up the email address or name of the donator in the sites database and if found I switch the status of the account.

Why you shouldn't bother with tiny donations

  1. Most or all of the small donation is swallowed up in fees. Well done, you have just made PayPal a few cents richer.
  2. Switching off the nag screens is a manual process that I manage. The nag screens will not be automatically removed.

If you don't like the nag screens but are not interested in donating then #SorryNotSorry deal with it or don't use the site. To be honest, the nag screens are a very small price to pay for access to a tool with no mandatory fees or other cost of entry but please don't try to be clever and get a free lunch, instead, keep the few cents in your pocket and save yourself the time of entering credit card details into a donation form.