No more donations

I will not be accepting donations for the foreseeable future as Osprey have contacted me over my possible illegal use of there IP.

Here is the conversation thread so far:

Copyright Osprey

Thank you Ash, I'm writing to you because a copyright issue on - Frostgrave Warband Manager has been brought to my attention.

Although we appreciate and actually admire your website, and you do mention that you don’t have permission to use Frostgrave’s artwork, you should have tried contacting us; we always reply to queries.

Apart from that, what we need to clarify is the PayPal donation of $10, as it does look like you are using Frostgrave’s IP for profit, which is illegal.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,
[name removed]



Hi [name removed]

The donations I accept are optional and help cover the hosting , domain registration and time I spend developing the tool. I wasn't aware that this was illegal, my ultimate plan is to built more tools for more gaming systems along with a tournament manager. This will take time though.

So, what are my options at this stage? If what I am currently doing is wrong then I would like to remedy that asap. I will remove the donate button until I hear back from you.




Claudia. I have removed the donation buttons from the site so I can no longer accept them.