Upcoming priorities

Below is a list of priorities for the remainder of the functionality. Once these are done the warband manager is complete. I may look at adding additional functionality such as Images for units or other stuff that may be helpful but I have additional plans for the website to make it less Forstgrave focused. The first thing I want to add is a page where each user can create a club profile detailing location, club days, games played etc along with the possibility of a calendar with a table booking system. I may restrict this functionality to donators only.

Here is the list:

1. Add Mounts is a more usable way - Mounts will now be added as soldiers (with the type Mount). Once added, any valid solider (not undead, construct etc) will then get the option to Mount from the gear list in its profile. The Mount in the soldier list will then be able to add horsemanship traits. Horsemanship traits will be purchased from the vault in the usual way.

2. Demonic pacts functions - I've yet to work out the particulars of how this will work but I expect it to be along the lines of the Beastcaster system

3. Knightly Orders - these will be traits and work like Marks, animal mutations etc but only applicable to appropriate soldier classes (Knight and Templar - will have to confirm Captain)

4. New soldier types (black powder weapons)

5. this is a maybe at the moment but the interface is becoming quite cluttered so I should look at a way to make it easier to manage