Updates to the Dead Man's Hand Manager

I've updated all units, gangs, weapons and gang rules for the following gangs in Dead Man's Hand

  1. Rogues
  2. Lawmen
  3. Outlaws
  4. Cowboys
  5. Desperados
  6. Banditos
  7. Renegades
  8. Pinkertons
  9. Cavalry
  10. Kelly Gang
  11. State Police
  12. Bushrangers
  13. Ungodly Creatures
  14. Forces of Good

Many thanks to Stuart McCorquodale of Great Escape Games for kindly supplying all the status for the units above.

There are still a fair few gangs to go which I need to enter the stats, rules etc for

  1. Bushwhackers
  2. Jayhawkers
  3. Citizens
  4. The Tong
  5. The Count
  6. The Barron
  7. The Seven
  8. Malevolent Seven
  9. Mountain Men

I'm missing the stats for a few of these so I will try to acquire them from Great Escape Games at some point in the near future.

I will begin to look at the Gang manager screens next to make them more usable during games and work out how to deal with Legend of Dead Man's Hand Schemes